Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kids Say The Darnest Things ~

Here are just some quick things that my kids have said over the past few weeks I had to write down. They will be random because I need to go to bed soon. lol.

Josh said while scarfing down his mac n' cheese, "I am swallowing them without bitting them because I want my stomach to have friends."  We okay then....Never thought that before.

Another time we were eating mac n ' cheese, I had mine with chili, Josh had his with ketchup, and Hannah had hers plain.  Josh looked at mine and said "Eww, yuck!"  Hannah said, "Awe Josh, it is okay.  Everyone eats differently.  It's like this Josh.  Canadian people (I am a canadian) like to mix their food up.  Oregon people (where Josh was born) like to eat their food with stuff on top.  And Washington people (where Hannah was born) like their food plain.  We all are different."  Wow, she is so smart. = )

Josh calls guitar picks, toothpicks.

Josh still says; somping for something.  He also says, "ready, steady.....go!"

Two minutes before leaving out the door, Josh comes running out of the bathroom soaking wet all on the front saying he washed his mouth.  I looked at him in shock.  Really?  I said mouth, not mouth, face and clothes!  He said he was just doing what I asked him to do.  Well, I have to say he did a great job getting his mouth clean.

Hannah is an artist.  She is always creating something.  She made a necklace out of paper.  She cut  it out without tearing and designed it with markers.  I was so proud and wore it the rest of the evening.

I gave the kids their allowances they made from the past few weeks.  Hannah and Josh go into their room and Hannah whispers , "We're rich Josh!"  Oh how I wish that was true.

Okay, that's all for now.  Got to get some medicine and get to bed.  I want to be better.... Good night ~

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Been A While ~

I really want to start writing again.  About what?  Just about life.  Today I woke up pretty sick with a scratchy throat, cough,  and very worn out.  It is no fun to be sick.  I look around the house and see the piles become greater and greater, dreading to get better because I know they are calling MY name and no other. Oh well.  I told Brian after dinner that I wanted to be off duty and plant myself on the couch for the rest of the evening.  Hopefully I'll go to bed early and get a good night sleep.  The kids have been terrific, cleaning their room and all.  Brian has been very helpful.  We are going to start watching "Swiss Family Robinson."  I love that movie.  Since I have started writing this I have seen a naked girl come out and want to wear a pull up like her brother and then a naked boy come out with only socks on looking for a pull up.  When does modesty start clicking for a child?  Anyway, good night ~

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer So Far ~

It has been a nice summer so far.  Our family has done many things.  I have tried to get the kids to write and/or draw what they have been doing each day.  It worked for the first few days, but now they are not into it.  Oh well, maybe mommy should take over and do them.  It was so cute to see Hannah draw her and her friends at the park and stuff.

Last week they came with us to a Relay for Life walk while we performed for an hour with our friend who sings popular Rock/Folk songs.  It was a lot of fun.  Hot though.  The kids did the bounce house, hula hoops, and lots of running on the football field (at least Josh did).  They were pooped.  No naps.  We had a short stop at home and then went right to our church for a picnic dinner and a movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."  It was awesome.  We had such a great turn out and it was all generations.  I loved hearing contagious laughs throughout the movie.  That was by far my favorite part. lol.  I forgot to mention that the day before we went to the Fair for 3 hours.  No naps.  On Sunday we had church.  In 100 degree weather we met 6 families at the park for a young families picnic.  There was food, spongebob ice cream, and lots of water!  Even though it was very hot.  We made it fun!  The kids loved it and had a blast.  But no naps.  Monday we were pretty slow getting up.  We had breakfast, lunch and then took the kids over to their friends house for them to babysit while Brian and I met up with our other bandmates and drove over to the fair to perform for an hour.  I was able to actually do an hour set of my original songs and some christian covers I really love.  We drove into the park on golf carts.  Some of our friends came to see us.  They stayed for the whole hour!  It was such an honor.  Afterwards we went and picked up the kids, brought them back to the fair to have dinner with friends and go see Natalie Grant perform.  By that time the kids had had enough.  No naps that day either.  Hannah had a big breakdown over not getting a gold fish at the fair.  It just wasn't fair.  We didn't love her.  We've never loved her.  Josh was upset because he wasn't allowed to go on anymore rides because our tickets were all gone. Again, we don't love them.  It's not fair.  Boy did Brian and I want to put those little cridders to bed.  Yesterday, I kept them home.  Hannah was mopping around the house.  Josh wanted to stay home all day.  I was very tired and ready to be normal again.  They made forts in their room and actually took their naps under them.   I was impressed.  Josh was snoring and Hannah didn't move a muscle.  It was very cute.  When daddy got home he tooks us all to the dairy for ice cream.  Then I had the opportunity to do my couponing and go get groceries.  My neighbors saw me and we had a good laugh about me being in the car, in the driveway organizing my coupons.  What can I say. It is a fun hobby for me.  = )  I saved $50.00 at Safeway.  It was worth it.

So it is almost 7am and the kids should be up pretty soon.  Trying to figure out what we should go do today.  The day is fresh, a little chilly outside and it's God's.  Til next time....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Peeing Standing Up

Is it really necessary for boys to pee standing up?  Why does it help boost their self esteem when time and time again pee somehow gets on the walls, the back of the toilet, the bathtub, the floor.  It is totally grossing me out and I am getting really frustrated.  Poor Josh.  I wish I was the type of mom who said,  "oh it is okay Josh, maybe next time sweetie."  But I am not.  I usually freak out and say "Josh!  Pee in the toilet.  Hold it down.  Hold it down!!  Stop peeing away from the toilet.  Oh Joshua."  Then I feel real bad afterwards for not being a nice mommy.  I just can't get passed how gross it is for me to clean it.

Okay, I'm done venting. If anyone has any advice I am ALL ears. = )

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Funny Things ~

We were watching "Wild Hearts..." movie about a young girl who wanted to dive horses and Josh said "Whow, I am definitely going to do THAT when I am 39!"

The kids and I were playing house and Hannah was the mommy, Josh and I were the babies.  I asked her to tell us a story of when she was a kid (cuz' that is what Brian and I do almost every night for them).  She said something along these lines.  "Okay. Once upon a time I really liked to dance, but then I started liking purple.  The End."

I have so many pictures of those two.  It seems like I say, "When I get a chance," way too much these days.  When do moms get a chance?  I try to juggle so many plates.  How many do you juggle?  I think I am on 8-10. lol.  I would love to upload them soon.  We did some fun things this Spring Break I'd like to document.

So tomorrow it is back to the routine.  I have to say though, I have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED being with the family on the weekend nights.  I miss singing Italian, but being a mom to the kids and a wife to Brian out weighs it completely.  I am truly blessed.

Good night ~


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Fun Mommy Moments ~

Okay here is one.  I went to a Health and Wellness seminar at our gym and took the kids.  When we got back into the car I told them all about what was healthy and what wasn't.  We came home and Hannah ran out of her and Josh's room to tell me the cutest thing Josh said.  I guess he said, "My marble maze is the most healthiest toy I have."  I love that little boy.  He makes me smile and laugh so much.

We pray for a girl in Africa most nights.  Hannah asked if she had enough.  I told her she wasn't blessed with all the things we had.  She said, "Why don't we invite her whole family to fly over here and live with us in our house.  Peace and her brother could stay in our room and then she would have all that we have and be happy."  Josh said, "And I will share all of my toys with them."  I wasn't going to try to explain why we couldn't.  I just let that be a wonderful idea and left it at that.  They are so precious.

Well, it is my bedtime.  Good night all ~

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Past Pictures~

It Is Time To Be Back ~

This is going to be short and sweet because the kids get to come out of their rooms now and my mommy hat will go on. I just wanted to say that I need to start this blog back up again because Josh is saying the cutest things and I don't have anywhere to put them that is organized. Plus I really miss the moms community I was a part of a couple of years ago. So back I am. Can't wait.

Yesterday, we celebrated Hannah's birthday. Today I am taking her to a Tea House (VERY GIRLY) to meet up with her little girl friend and her mom for tea. We have to get all dolled up for the event. I have been seeing flashbacks to when Molly and her daughter and us went so long ago. Saturday is a surprise birthday party at the park. It will be very low key, just fun for the kids to play together. So there are definitely things happening this week.

Okay, off I go. Will write more soon,